Your acceptance of this order is made under the following conditions:

  1. No substitution of goods will be allowed without written consent. No charge will be allowed for boxing or cartage unless specifically covered by order.

  2. Goods must be shipped as per instructions, otherwise any extra handling charge will be billed back to you.

  3. All materials furnished shall be merchantable and will be subject to our inspection and tests. We reserve the right to place in your plant at our expense an inspector or inspectors who shall be permitted to inspect before shipment or during the process of manufacture any of the material on this order, but neither approval of said inspector or inspectors nor failure to inspect shall be deemed to be in any respect an acceptance by us or waiver of any warranties, express or implied. Unless we specifically agree to make inspection at your plant, you agree to permit us to make inspection after receipt of material at destination, our said inspection to be made prior to payment being due.

  4. If any article sold and delivered to us hereunder shall be protected by any U.S. Patent or Copyright, you will, at your own expense, defend every suit which may be brought against us or those using the article for any alleged infringement of any Patent or Copyright by reason of the sale or use of such article, and you agree that you will pay all costs, damages, and profits recoverable in any such suit.

  5. You agree to make deliveries as specified on the face of the order. The right is reserved to cancel this order if not filled at the time specified.

  6. We will not be responsible for work done or for goods delivered without our regularly issued order. To be valid this order must bear a written signature.

  7. You agree not to release any advertising copy mentioning this company or quoting the opinion of any of its employees unless such copy is approved by us before release.

  8. We reserve the right to return at your expense any amount shipped in excess of quantity specified.

  9. The terms of sale as stated on the face of this order, are not subject to change by reason of any writings by you, or by any terms stated on your acknowledgment form unless same be accepted in writing by us.

  10. We shall have the privilege and right to purchase repair parts and/or accessories and/or supplies for equipment purchased on this order wherever we may so desire.

  11. This order is placed by the purchaser with the understanding, and in accepting the seller agrees, that no Federal Statute has been violated in the manufacture or sale of the items covered by this order.

  12. Render separate invoice for each order and invoice each carload or shipment separately.

  13. On material purchased f.o.b. destination or f.o.b. factory freight allowed any decrease in freight rate between date order was placed and date of shipment is to be credited to our account.

  14. Original bill of lading and/or express receipts must be attached to invoices and mailed to our general office not later than the day following shipment. Our order number must appear on each invoice, bill of lading, express receipt, memorandum of shipment, package slips and on each package.